Olympic Qualifiers to be held in Romania and Italy

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Olympic Qualifiers to be held in Romania and Italy

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The two world-wide Olympic Games Qualification Tournaments will take place in March 2008 to be held in Romania (men) and Italy (women). This was announced on the occasion of the FINA´s first world conference which was held in Madrid, Spain last weekend. The governing body of world swimming also announced that two “China Open” tournaments for men´s and women´s team will be held at same month in Beijing as Olympic test competitions.

The Men´s Olympic Games Qualification Tournament will be held in the Romanian border city of Oradea, which already gained some credits this summer as excellent host of the Men´s European Junior Championships. Previous FINA qualification tournaments were held in Calgary, Canada (1992), Berlin, Germany (1996), Hanover, Germany (2000) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2004). It will be the last chance for teams to earn a berth for the twelve-team men´s competition at the 2008 Olympic Games, but there are three opportunities as continental representative or successful team in the 2007 FINA World League or the 2007 FINA World Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

The women´s tournament will take place in Italy for the third time in a row. A hosting city was not announced yet, but quite a number of cities already hosted waterpolo events in recent past. The two previous qualification tournaments were held in Palermo (2000) and Imperia (2004). In contrast to the men´s competition it will be the only visible chance to earn a Beijing berth, as five of eight spots will be given to continental representatives. Both organisers are still be subject to change, as the respective teams from Romania and Italy still have a change to qualify before in other events.
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